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"Experts in underground Water Pipes"

Leak Detection and Water Supply Repairs & Replacement Specialists for Water Authorities

JTS Civil Engineers work on behalf on various water authorities, some more closely than others. We have developed our processes to assist water authorities and help reduce water wastage through non proactive management.

Our customer friendly approach allows us to co-ordinate between the customer and water authority to ensure repairs are carried out promptly.

Many authorities issue a Waste Water Notice immediately after a leak is notified. We believe that a more friendly and practical approach works better. Not only does it help reduce complaints, it saves administration time and cost. It also saves on the cost of carrying out repairs and attempting to collect monies afterwards from customers who do not comply immediately with the notice. In some circumstances a notice will be required, however we normally carry out repairs with 7 working days of instruction without the need for issuing notices.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing to JTS Civil Engineers Ltd: -

  • Prompt Repairs
  • Better communication
  • Reduced Complaints
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Repairs completed by WRAS approved contractors only
  • Reduce financial stress on customers
  • Cost Savings
  • Guaranteed Repairs

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