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Frequently Asked Questions About Household Water Supply Pipes

Q - Is all external pipe work the water company's responsibility?

A - The homeowner is responsible from the external stop tap, normally located on the public footpath, just beyond the boundary of the property. Click here for an image showing the homeowner's responsibility.

Q - If you are working on the replacement of the incoming water supply pipe, how long will we be without water?

A - The water can usually stay on if required until final connections are needed. However, it is beneficial if the supply can be turned off. Other measures can be used if necessary, such use of temporary overland pipes.

Q - What about disruption/mess inside and outside my house?

A - Our engineers treat each property as if it were their own. All waste is removed from site and reinstatement made to match pre-existing where possible. Our engineers will explain what can and cannot be matched prior to works commencing.

Q - How long does the work take to complete?

A - Each job varies but we can normally renew up to 40m of pipe work per day for residential properties. Our surveyor will advise at the time of quoting how long the job should take.

Q - Do you have public liability insurance?

A - Yes, the minimum of amount of coverage provided by our public liability insurance is no less than £5,000,000.

Q - I have received a waste water notice. What do I do?

A - Normally the waste water notice allows up to 14 days to have repairs carried out. JTS can often resolve the issue within 24 to 48 hours. If required, we can also contact your insurer to ensure a claim is registered appropriately. You may pay as little as £50.00, being your policy excess, to have the works completed.

Q - Will you have to dig a trench to lay the pipe?

A - No we use trenchless technology where possible. This means there are only isolated excavations, which are all backfilled and re-instated to a pre-existing condition were possible.

Q - Can you arrange for my supply to be removed from a common supply?

A - Yes, the water authority normally charge a fee to carry out the new connection. We can carry out the administration of this process free-of-charge.

Q - Will my water supplier contribute to the cost of the replacement pipe?

A - Some water authorities may contribute if you have the supply renewed from the stop tap in the public footpath to a new stopcock internally. The amounts vary from £60 to £250.

Q - Can you use trenchless technology to install pipes other than water?

A - Yes, we can install gas pipes, electrical cables, fibre-optic cables as well as utility ducts.

Q - Does your work come with a guarantee on completion?

A - Yes, we offer a two-year guarantee on our workmanship and the standard guarantee provided with manufacturers' materials.

Q - How does moling work?

A - Click here to view our moling video on Youtube.

Q - Can I make a insurance claim for a leaking water supply pipe?

A - It depends on your policy cover. JTS deal with hundreds of claims on behalf our customers each year. Our surveyor will discuss your options and the procedures while on site.

Q - My insurer has has appointed someone to repair my pipe. Do I have to use them?

A - Many insurers use their contractor networks and local sub-contractors to do repairs. JTS can often do a full replacement at the same, or less, cost to you than these companies charge for a repair. This means you may get a renewal that does not cost you anything more than a repair would have done.